Before visiting

In order to maximize your benefit, your exhibition visit should be well-prepared. 


         1)  Familiarize yourself with the subject of the exhibition and forum and the profile of the exhibitors in advance. On the exhibition website you can find detailed information about the participants and the exhibition plan. 

         2) Read in advance the plan of events within the exhibition.

         3) Select events of interest to you. Plan your time so that it is enough for meetings at the stands, and for the business programme. 

         4) Make business appointments at the exhibition in advance. Meetings with exhibitors can be held at their stands. For meetings with other visitors, including participants in the business programme, the Organizer offer to rent meeting rooms with hourly rates, or hold meetings in the Lounge zone. Access to the Lounge zone is allowed for visitors who have previously purchased the Delegate packages. 

         5) Familiarize yourself with the map of the exhibition in advance. Choose the most convenient route for you.

         6) Familiarize yourself with the infrastructure of TRANSTEC Forum in advance:
  • parking scheme
  • scheme of pavilions and halls of the business programme
  • location of the registration area
  • location of power zones
  • concierge service (hotel booking, air or train tickets, transfers, excursions, interpreter).
            7) Use the electronic catalogue and exhibition guide. The exhibition catalogue can be downloaded in advance on the exhibition website; it contains an alphabetical list of exhibiting companies, a description of their activity profile and contact details. The exhibition guide is made for your navigation and provides an exhibition plan indicating the location of the stands and the programme of the exhibition events. The exhibition guide can be downloaded and printed from the exhibition website, picked up at the racks at the entrance to the pavilions or at the registration desks.
        8) Purchase the Delegate package that will allow you to benefit from all the opportunities and resources of the event, and get the most out of participation in comfortable conditions. You can purchase delegate packages in two ways:
  • In your personal account on the exhibition website (payment is accepted by credit card). The option is available to both individuals and legal entities. 
  • By downloading and completing the Application form for delegate participation and sending it to the organizer’s e-mail: In response, the organizer will send an invoice for payment. This option is available only to legal entities. 
       9) You also may purchase the "Speaker" delegate package, which will allow you to become a Speaker in the business programme of the exhibition. Please note that the purchase of the "Speaker" package is available only after agreement with the Organizer on the subject and format of your participation in the programme. In order to do this, please download and send an application for participation at:

      10) Come to TRANSTEC 2022, make the most of your visit and have a wonderful time in St. Petersburg!