Coorganiser of TRANSTEC

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation Directorate of International Transport Corridors is the co-organiser of the TRANSTEC International Forum. 

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation (ANO) Directorate of International Transport Corridors was founded by the order of 10 April 2020 of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Issues of developing and improving the efficient use of international transport corridors passing through the Russian Federation are an integral part of the development of the Russian Federation transportation system. The organisation aims at completing the tasks of arranging expert-analytical and information support for taking coordinated managerial decisions by federal executive bodies, institutes for development and development business, and the effective use of international transport corridors.

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The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation empowers the founders of ANO DITC on behalf of the Russian Federation. 

ANO DITC will join other departments in taking decisions regarding the development of international transport corridors passing through Russian territory. One of the tasks of the Directorate is to form a unified understanding about the existing capabilities of the transportation infrastructure and carriers along the ITC, including the territory of foreign countries participating in the North-South corridor. Tasks are being solved of creating infrastructural facilities (highways and railroads, port terminals, access points, agricultural and commercial TLCs), as well as international joint transport enterprises. Additionally, the ANO DITC will analyse information about current and future production, market export demand for Russian goods, and development of competitive routes for international transport corridors bypassing Russia. 

TRANSTEC is organised to promote the creation of favourable conditions for the breakthrough scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the regions interested in improving the existing transport corridors and developing new routes. The forum is traditionally attended by representatives from government agencies, professional associations, research centres, transport and commercial enterprises from the Russian Federation and foreign countries. The forum aims to provide a single platform for dialogue between participants of the transport infrastructure market in order to discuss topical issues and conditions promoting development of Russia’s transport corridors, their integration into the international transport system and global logistics space.

The forum makes suggestions for improving the regulatory base and coordinating the transport policy on the EAEU space, presents feasible and planned federal and regional construction and renovation investment projects, demonstrates a broad range of up-to-date materials, equipment, technologies and services to ensure a complete cycle of design, construction, renovation, and repair of the equipment and contents of the transport corridor infrastructure.

Collaboration between ANO Directorate of international transport corridors and NEVA-International Ltd. to organise TRANSTEC 2021 will strengthen the involvement of state institutes in the forum’s industry topics, will enable a topical business programme agenda to be drawn up, will attract the broadest group of community experts, and will further effectively carry out the strategic solutions developed at the forum.